17 Hours

During the course of your MBA at Tulane, you have to take 17 hours at least once. It’s difficult. Some of our classes are only two credit hours, so this can equate to 6 classes simultaneously.

Some students in our class do this regularly. I take my hat off to them, because it’s a real challenge. Sometimes you have to step back for a minute and realize that you asked for the stress of 6 classes, some extra curricular activity, and the need to mount a job search all at once. If you’re in a committed relationship, you have a lot of committed time there too.

Organization helps and an ability to see the bigger picture. Get ready for late nights and remember to try and do your best. There is a lot of ways you can get distracted and sometimes even that is necessary to clear your head. In the end it’s about balance and that will come down to how you decide to do things. Hopefully in the end you’ll come out a better decision-maker. My point is that you may learn those lessons from the experience, not the books.