Welcome to First year International Students

Almost all of the new first year international students would have reached New Orleans by now. Welcome to all of you on behalf of the “Blogging Team”.

This brings back a lot of memories. Last year I was in the same position, as you are in right now.

Some Advice: The MCOM classes are starting from tomorrow. This is a great opportunity to learn a lot. Remember, you have this class once again in September, so the more you learn now, the easier it will be for you later.
If you feel your English needs some improvement, start working on it right away.
Most probably there would be two sections of MCOM class. Get to know the international students from the other section too.
Take some time to find a good apartment. You still have time since most of the students are not here. Linda and Katie will help you out a lot. In case you need advice regarding rental rates, areas etc., feel free to email me.
Go out and visit a few places around the city. Carry $1.25 in change to ride the streetcar.(one way)
As I have already mentioned, you have more time on your hands now. Once the semester starts, you will have loads of homework to do.

M.Karthik ; mkarthik01@gmail.com