A Week Off! (Or on?)

As the second-year MBAs all live it up in Argentina (undoubtedly learning something), us first-years basically have the week off.  We did have one Finance class Tuesday, but after that – we’ve been free.  We’re thankful to have some free days, but for many of us those days are filled with catching up on school work.  Next week we have a group case analysis due for our Marketing class, a Finance quiz and mid-term and a Global Econ mid-term.

I have headed home for part of the week to Lafayette, Louisiana (about 2 hours from New Orleans) with the goal of eating with my parents and studying for days.  It’s nice to have this time to get out of town, and focus on what we need to do to get ready for the last few weeks of school.  After this week, we only have 3.5 weeks until finals!

I can’t believe how quickly this semester has flown by.  The course set-up at Tulane makes it go by even faster.  By the second week of December, I’ll have completed nine courses.  Next week – we schedule for second semester.  For me – it will be decision time.  I was thinking about double concentrating in Consumer Behavior and Management, but I think I’ll go with just Consumer Behavior.  If you double concentrate, there is no room for electives outside of those areas.  I’m hoping to take a few courses in real estate and energy just to broaden my Tulane experience.

Before I go – here’s a Freeman Co-Ed Intramural Volleyball Team update.  We won our first game Tuesday.

Louis David