The Best Thing About B-School

So, I was asked by one of my good friends who is considering b-school what, in my opinion was the best thing about it. I thought it was an interesting question and decided to give it some deep thought. When May comes around and I have to leave New Orleans to start my new “adult” life I think the thing that I’ll look back on and say is the best thing is the friendships that I’ve developed. Business school is all about growing your network, meeting people who at some point down the line you’ll do business with, hire, or help find a great opportunity. And while you won’t get along (or even like) everyone in your class you will develop some great friendships. I have more than a handful of people that I would bend over backwards for, recommend for a job, or just plan hire if I was in the position to do so. I always blog about b-school being this crazy vortex where you lose track of time and days of the week, but when it comes to friendships this is definitely a good thing. Good because, it’s not just happening to you, it’s happening to you and all of your friends. When I saw one of my classmates get married a few weeks ago, surrounded by a good chunk of the Tulane MBA class of 2010, it made me realize how close we’ve gotten in a year, and how I’ve made friends that will be in my life forever.