Guest Blog – Study Abroad!

Hi everyone, my name is Johan Andrés Acosta and I am a 1st year MBA student. Currently I am doing an exchange semester in Denmark and I would like to share with you my experience abroad. During my 1st semester at Tulane, I started to look for an opportunity to study abroad. I decided to apply for an exchange semester in Copenhagen Business School, the second largest business school in Europe and one of the most recognized schools in the area due to its quality and program diversity. I was fortunately admitted for the spring period 2010 and embarked myself in a fulfilling experience in every sense. Here at the Copenhagen Business School, I am: learning another approach to business, getting in touch with different cultures that enhance my knowledge and ideas, and meeting a lot of new friends as well as expanding my networking activities.

Tulane University’s semester abroad program is a great opportunity for students to take another insight at their MBA program, with travel possibilities to places like Paris, Hong Kong or Buenos Aires, among others. The process is simple and flexible at the same time, and I was always supported by the International Programs Director, the Director of Graduate Education, as well as the Faculty of the B-School, who analyzed and validated the courses that I was going to take in Denmark. First, you need to select the school that you want to go to, then you apply to get a place as an exchange student representing Tulane University abroad. At the same time, it is recommended to start analyzing with the Director of Graduate Education which courses you plan to take abroad, in order to have similar curriculums to facilitate the validation of credits process. After that, if you are one of the lucky admitted students, you prepare yourself for an experience that is going to be definitive in your career process, and, of course, be ready to represent Tulane as the quality and top B-School that is.

I would recommend that everyone take advantage of an opportunity like this one, because it will definitely change your life, allow you to expand your professional and personal horizons, and be a great complement for the International Business concentration that we already have at Tulane. I hope that many students consider this challenging option and dare to open their minds to the opportunities that the globe provides us.Remember, a whole new world is waiting out there for you to try it!

Johan Andrés Acosta