Quiet Campus

Going to the post office is never fun.  Even if you have a package waiting for you, the 20-person line can scare off anyone who doesn’t have an entire afternoon to kill.  That’s why I went to campus the other day for the first time in about a month.  It’s beyond convenient to be near / on  a college campus – almost everything you need is there waiting for you, including a line-free post office.  But when I went to campus Friday to mail a package, it was so odd to see very few people out and about.  No undergrads playing frisbee, no dodging bicycles on sidewalks, no delivery trucks.

Our building (Goldring / Woldenberg Hall II) is next door to the post office, and across a main campus walkway from the student center (Lavin-Bernick Center).  Walking through the barren halls of GWII, I realized how ready I am for school to start up again in August.  This week, I’ve talked to a number of classmates who feel the same way – and we all admit it’s a little strange.  When you spend so much time with one group of people in one place, it can get a little old.  But being away from both for nearly the past two months has been an adjustment.

Most of us (including myself) are doing internships this summer, so our time is being well-spent.  About a third to a half of us are in New Orleans, the rest are spread across the country – New York, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago.  We’re all learning not only how to use our newly-learned skills, but we’re also remembering what it’s like to be back in the workplace.  School will be much appreciated when it returns in just a few weeks.

Until then, we need to enjoy the most out of this summer.  This past Independence Day weekend, I got to spend a great few days with some friends at False River, which is near New Roads, La., about an hour and a half away.  Enjoy the view.

Louis David