Mad Money at Tulane

Yesterday, millions of people were exposed to Tulane and the Freeman School on CNBC thanks to Jim Cramer’s “Mad Money.”  The stock-picking show made a stop on our campus as a part of Mad Money’s Back to School Tour.  A few weeks ago, the show emailed students asking for a few volunteers, so I spent the day with producers helping to guide and corral the audience before the show.  Even though I’ve worked in television, it’s always surprising to see how much equipment and how many warm bodies a national show takes on the road.  All of the CNBC producers are clearly very smart and organized and the show went off without a hitch.

A number of MBA, Master of Finance and undergrad business students got the chance to ask Jim questions on the air.  A group of Burkenroads students even got to pitch stocks to Jim – and I hear he was very impressed with trading and market knowledge.

Having national reporters on campus is always a big deal.  Fortunately, Tulane’s been able to attract attention from a number of national newspapers, television networks and websites.  Having a national show spend an entire hour highlighting your school and business opportunities in your state is an even bigger deal.  Jim Cramer told us he’s really excited about the optimism he found here at Tulane and in New Orleans.

Here are a few clips from the show.

Extended Lightning Round

Shaw Group CEO (HQ in Baton Rouge, LA)

Jim on CenturyLink (HQ in Monroe, LA)