Back from South America

With just a few hours of naps in an airplane and on a couch – over the past two days I’ve explored markets in Buenos Aires, watched an NFL game in South America (British bars always have satellite TV), flown 12 hours back to the states, gone to class, and played in our intramural volleyball playoffs.  It’s been a little exhausting – but amazing at the same time.

As an MBA2, I attended the Global Leadership trip last week.  Every day we attended lectures and visited companies in Buenos Aires.  Every night, we explored the city and ate very well (for very few pesos).  One of the main reasons why we visit Argentina is because of that country’s financial crisis in the early part of the last decade.  Even though Argentina is one of the safest and most developed countries in South America, the crisis has left a lasting effect on the economy.  Instability is always a concern, and business leaders told us that credit can be hard to come by.  It makes you realize the business conditions that we take for granted in the US.

As for South America as a tourist destination – it blew me away.  Both Rio de Janeir and Buenos Aires are much more modern and safe than most of us imagined.  Rio is surrounded by gorgeous mountains and beaches, and Buenos Aires is easily mistakable for Barcelona.  The trip really helps you realize the cultural and economic differences between the US and our neighbors to the south.

Louis David