Last day of class!

It is a great December day in New Orleans; it’s a mild 60 degrees, the sun is shining, the sky is blue and…it is our last day of class. Of course the last day of class mean that exams are right around the corner, but so is a nice long winter break. I’ll be heading up to New York to visit my sister and then traveling to Boston to see the rest of my family.

But even as this semester finishes up, I can see that I’ve got lots to look forward to next semester. Since I will be concentrating in finance, my classes will again be taken in quarters. First quarter (January to February) will include Management Communication, Marketing Planning, Options, and Global Leadership – European Union…which includes a trip to Italy over Spring break!

But, I guess I’m getting ahead of things here…I’ve got four final exams next week that I need to prepare for. Time to hit the books!

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