Let’s get it started!

Hello everybody!

Let me introduce myself, first. Well, my name is Anastasia Petri and I am an incoming, international, full-time MBA student from Greece (yeah, this country that appears on the headlines worldwide lately and, unfortunately, not for the good reasons. I hope that the situation will improve soon, though, giving a boost to the European and global economy). First of all, I would like to say how glad I feel to have been introduced to all my international fellow students yesterday, at the MCOM class. I am sure that the Management Communication Course will be a great opportunity for us all to sharpen our language and presentation skills, the american-way, and be confident to join our American classmates for the official program start, later on this summer!

Why did I decide to start blogging, even from the first day of classes? Well, being an avid reader of the blog myself (seriously, I have read every single post at least twice!), I was able to develop a better understanding of the school’s culture, as well as, learn various details about the daily challenges a typical Freeman MBA student faces in the course of the program and, as a matter of fact, about the unique experience of living and studying in a city like New Orleans. As a result, I developed the confidence that I would be a good fit to the program, here at Tulane, a fact that made my final decision to join a safe bet. So, now I believe it is my turn to try and give some insight to the forthcming Freeman classes, but also an opportunity to share our experiences with fellow MBAs.

What has been my experience with the city so far? Well, I arrived in New Orleans ten days ago. Hopefully, I was lucky enough to have rent my apartment ahead and, again hopefully, in a safe neighborhood, no more than a ten minutes’ walk from campus (though, I would by no means recommend distant leases to anyone, since there is a high probability to come up with very unpleasant surprises and get into much trouble- I’ve heard some very scary stories, indeed). So, back to me again, it did not take me more than three days to completely settle in and afterwards the exploration of the city started! Great architecture, delicious seafood and warm and friendly atmosphere are some of the thinga that this city has to offer, to name but a few! Moreover, to the other side of the coin, I feel impressed by our campus and the modern facilities and up-to-date resources available in the Business School, and I have only been here for a few days! Last but really important, I would like to refer explicitely to the highly co-operative and effective graduate and international student Directors and Career Management Consultant that have made my transition here smooth and pleasant. Everybody, do not omit to step by the CMC and take advantage of the many many resources there, since planning ahead, in this difficult era, is the only guarantied recipe for success!


Feel free to email me : apetri@tulane.edu