Oyster Fest

This summer I had a great opportunity to work with a local education technology company, Whetstone Education. Not only am I getting the experience of working with an innovate company in the education sector, I also get to stay in NOLA for festival season! One of my favorites was just a few weeks ago, Oyster Fest.

Oyster Eating contest?  Irma Thomas? Abita Beer tent?  More fresh oysters than you can count?  What else do you need?  I guess that’s why people of all ages seem to get along in NOLA, like my friend from Loyola (next door to Tulane) and this guy who came into town from Mississippi for the weekend (who I hope to grow up and be just like).

And if one weekend of oysters is not enough for you, like it isn’t for me, the not-so-secret oyster secret around town is Luke’s happy hour from 4-6pm.  50 cent oysters.  Get em while they’re cold!

As Kermit Ruffins would say, “Only in New Oooorrrrleans!”

Albin Soares