Internship Lessons

As the summer comes to a close, I find it hard to believe that I started my internship 10 weeks ago. It has been a wonderful experience working for Shutterfly and I have learned a lot. It was my first time working in market research, the field I plan on working in after I graduate. I am glad to say my coursework helped me feel prepared and confident in my role. My manager and coworkers were incredibly welcoming and approachable. I always had plenty of work to do and I felt like I contributed a lot to the team.

Here are some things I have learned:

1) Never be afraid to ask questions. If you are confused about an assignment, someone’s presentation, where information came from, anything, ask for an explanation. It is much better to eliminate any ambiguity and most managers like seeing employees take initiative.

2) If you make a mistake, tell someone immediately and take the necessary steps to correct it. No one is going to be mad at you and no one is perfect. Fix the mistake as soon as you can and then move onto the next thing.

3) Enjoy what you are working on. Read about your job field and company outside of work. It helps to be educated on the market and the competitors.

4) If you run out of work to do, tell your boss. The administration doesn’t want to see you sitting there with nothing to do and if you go and ask for more assignments, they will be happy you came to them. Taking on extra work always looks good for you.

5) Get involved. If there is a volunteer event during your internship, go and participate. Be active within the company and outside of it. Your internship is only a few weeks long, make the most of it.

6) After you leave, follow up with thank you notes and stay in touch. These people are now a part of your network and want to help you succeed in the future. If you want to work there after you graduate, express your interest clearly before you go.

I am very grateful for my opportunity with Shutterfly and hope everyone else had a great summer. Here is to the 2012-2013 school
See you soon,year!

Amy Garrick