Graduate Business Council 2012-2013


The Graduate Business Council (GBC), of which all graduate business students are members, serves the academic, professional, and personal interests of its membership. The group facilitates interaction and communication among the student body, the administration, the faculty, and the Tulane community. GBC accomplishes its mission by marketing its students, developing a productive learning environment, and providing mentoring and relationship-building opportunities. GBC also serves as the “umbrella” organization to other graduate business organizations.


Albin Soares



Juan Carlos Aguirre


Representative, Administration

Rob Wilson-Anger


VP-Academic Affairs

Lizy Freudmann


Representative, Academic Affairs

Tyler Hardin



Rohit Rayudu


Representative, Finance

Michael Rossos


VP-International Affairs

Han-I Chen


Representative, International Affairs

Varun Kumar Gurusamy Dorairaj


VP-Student Affairs

Lauren Nelson


Representative, Student Affairs

Emilia Anderson


VP-Career Development and Alumni Affairs

Dilip Kumar


Representative, Career Development and Alumni Affairs

Joseph Morse


GAPSA Senator

Rodrigo Castro Foulkes


GAPSA Senator

Michael Sander


GAPSA Senator

Erynn M. Bell


Master of Accounting Representative

Wang Yue


Master of Finance Representative

Rafael Suarez Quiroga


Master of Management (Energy) Representative

Izabela Grot


PMBA Representative

Melissa Burbank