National Black MBA Association

During my first semester of the Tulane MBA program I traveled to Indianapolis with several of my classmates to attend the National Black MBA Association Conference. This annual event allows MBA students from all over the country to connect and interview with a variety of companies and organizations that hire MBA graduates every year. The conference is extremely beneficial to all MBAs in attendance as it creates valuable relationships and interactions with employers. Though this event draws students from all over the country, the group from Tulane had a particularly exceptional experience and my attendance reassured me that I had made the right decision by joining the Tulane program. The response we received from potential employers when they found out we were from Tulane was outstanding.

The University and the Freeman school specifically have a extraordinary reputation throughout the country and every company representative was enthusiastic about learning what we had to offer. All of my classmates received positive and promising feedback. Attending this event gave me the confidence to pursue an internship with a fortune 100 company and I am excited to be heading to Nestle Purina for the summer. Aside from the conference itself, this was one of my first experiences with the close bond between Freeman students. At the conference we all looked out for each other. We noticed classmates from other Universities competing against each other while we tried to help our classmates. The teamwork oriented style of the Freeman school carried over to this conference as we looked for opportunities, not only for ourselves, but for our peers as well.

Rob Anger

MBA Candidate, Class of 2014