Tulane Energy Club’s Alumni and Energy Professionals Reception

The Tulane Energy Club recently held an Alumni and Energy Professionals Reception at the Windsor Court hotel.  Current students, from the various graduate programs at the Freeman School of Business, were given the opportunity to interact with professionals and faculty at the event.  I was excited to have the opportunity to learn from professionals in my field of interest in an informal atmosphere.  Many professionals shared their experiences in working in the energy industry and the multitude of roles they have held throughout their career.  While a majority of professionals in attendance were located in the New Orleans area, some happened to be from Houston and were in town on business.  I was really interested in talking to the local professionals and faculty to learn what I can do to attain a career in the city.  The professionals and faculty openly shared information on the local energy industry scene and recommendations for my future.  The advice I received was greatly appreciated and has helped guide my internship search.  The event proved to be a success with multiple professionals expressing excitement in having the opportunity to connect with graduate students.  Additional networking events will be sponsored by the Tulane Energy Club to continually encourage interaction between students, alumni, energy professionals, and faculty.

Kate Leithead
Director of Communications – Tulane Energy Club
Master of Business Administration