Staff Profile: Margarita Ahumada

How long have you been at the Freeman School of Business?

I’ve been at the Freeman School of Business for 14 years.  I spent my first seven years in the Office of Executive Education and the past seven years in Graduate Admissions.  Currently, I am the contact person for the Professional MBA Program.

What do you like about working at Freeman?

I completed a Master’s in Higher Education Administration with an honor thesis on How to Internationalize Academia.  I like my job because it allows me to utilize and build upon my expertise in higher education administration.

I’ve worked in a wide array of programs, such as ESL and International Education, and in various institutions, such as the University of Oregon, the University of New Orleans and back home with the University of Tarapaca, and Frontera.

Each experience and work place has allowed me to navigate and explore the unique aspects of each program and institution, and further develop my expertise in higher education administration. I love administration strategy, it’s my passion and I enjoy working with it.

I also like my job because I have the opportunity to work with incoming PMBA students.  PMBA students are a unique group of individuals.  They are working professionals from a diverse spectrum of fields and backgrounds.  My job allows me to show them how Freeman’s rigorous and dynamic program will complement their unique skill set and career goals.

We have planned a serious of networking events this fall.   Please contact me at 504 862 8494 or email me at for more information about our events.

Fun Fact

I enjoy music and dancing.  I am a former jazz and classical dancer.  I also love spending time with my children and family.

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