Humana Internship

Series: “2nd Year MBAs Talk About Their Summer Internships”
Interview conducted by Sarah Turner, MBA Content Contributor
Interviewee: Sunita Singh
Concentration/Other: Marketing, Strategic Leadership & Management
Year: MBA 2
Industry/Company/ Area of Internship/Location:
Humana (Healthcare), Louisville, KY
What can you tell other students about the scope of your internship this summer?
“So, Humana is a Healthcare Insurance company, but I worked in the Senior Products Finance Division. Senior Products focuses on healthcare insurance for senior citizens, which includes Medicare and Medicaid. I worked on tasks that relate more to operational finance (as opposed to corporate). I performed analysis on membership and premium projections, as well as trending and analysis on the healthcare plans and contracts themselves. I also worked on a cross-functional project where we were split into 2 teams. As a team, we evaluated internal social media strategies and proposed recommendations to increase employee usage. At the end of the summer, we presented our findings to the CEO.”
What was your daily schedule like at your Internship?
“I arrived to work around 8 and was given tasks for that day (from my supervisor). I also scheduled coffee-chats throughout the day to speak with other employees from various business units. We also had daily cross-functional meetings for our team project.”
How did you apply for your internship? And how large was your program?
“The CMC sent out internship information and I applied directly through Humana’s online application. There were 13 total interns in my program.”
Did this internship match your intended career path? What skills and industry insight did you gain?
“Yes, it did. I decided to get an MBA because I wanted to switch industries and get into the Healthcare world. I realized how challenging the healthcare industry is and that there are many changes facing the future of healthcare insurance. This industry needs young professionals with new insights and ideas to help mediate the challenges ahead. After this summer, I’m positive about pursuing a career in Healthcare.”
What salary and benefits did you receive?
I was paid an hourly rate, but to give you an approximation–it was probably around $20,000 total. Humana also paid for our hotel apartment and travel expenses.”
What skills did you find most helpful in your Internship this summer?
“Quantitative Modeling was by far the most helpful. But honestly, there was a lot of on-the-job learning and research to familiarize myself with Medicare, Medicaid, and The Affordable Care Act.”
Did you consider yourself more or less prepared than your peers within the same internship program?
Yes, I was definitely more prepared than some in regards to Excel skills and data analysis.
Would you recommend Humana’s Infusion Internship Program to other MBA candidates here at Tulane?
Yes, I would definitely recommend Humana’s Infusion Internship Program to any interested candidates.
Would you be willing to talk to other students about working at Humana?
Yes, I have sent out webinars (through the CMC) about Humana and am happy to talk with anyone considering a career in healthcare. Humana, in particular, seems to like Tulane students as there is another alum who currently works there.