Your New Resume Bullet and Long-term Rewards

In my prior blog post I mentioned that doing the Tulane Professional MBA Program will allow you to improve your organization through immediate relevance and application.   Some people might think “that is all well and good, my company is better off, but Patrick what is in it for me?”
It is unlikely that improving your company today results in a payoff to you today – Your boss is unlikely to say “Hey you saved us $200,000, here are the keys to a new car!”.  You will find that higher performance combined with the Tulane MBA credential will open up opportunities for you in the future.  These opportunities might be at your current organization or at another organization.
The day you start the Tulane Professional MBA Program you should update your resume and your Linked-in profile.  Your new education bullet will be something like:
Tulane University          
Master of Business Administration Candidate       
Expected graduation 2017 
Even on the first day of class you will have earned this bullet.  A lot of people think about earning an MBA for years always failing to take action and pursue this path of opportunity.  Just by starting in the Tulane PMBA, you have proven that you are a person who is committed to being the best at your job and achieving more in your career.
This bullet becomes even more valuable as you stay in the program.  Potential employers will think of you as an MBA, who is just finishing up.  This gives you a great deal of flexibility.  You can stay with your current employer and see if advancement opportunities come up there or you can change employers, promoting yourself.  In my experience, often 20 to 30% of part-time MBAs switch employers during their program.
Students in the Tulane Professional MBA Program don’t have to wait until after their graduation to seize a new opportunity.   Being admitted and enrolling gives you a new resume bullet that will allow you to seize new opportunities as they occur and position yourself to reach long-term career goals.  To learn more about the PMBA program send me an email at –
Patrick Foran