The 7th Annual Oak Street Po-Boy Festival

On Sunday, November 24th, 50+ Po-Boy vendors, neighborhood restaurants, and local food trucks packed onto Oak Street for the 7th Annual Oak Street Po-Boy Festival. Tents offering versions of traditional po-boys (Oyster, Shrimp, and Roast Beef) to Vietnamese, German, Sausage, and Vegetarian po-boys flanked the narrow street from Carrolton all the way up to River Road. Not to mention the many cocktail stands, Leidenheimer bread carts, and Abita vendors flitting through the crowds, there were also music stages and mini art galleries set up at every intersection.
Even restaurants without po-boys on the menu, like Vincent’s Italian Cuisine, offered unique, mouth-watering creations that you absolutely had to try no matter how full you were. (Just google-image search “Vincent’s The Godfather Po-Boy” and you will reach for your elastic pants next year.) More refined establishments like Boucherie, Galatoire’s, and GW Fins also showcased upscale twists on the street food staple.
Just to get you excited for next year, here are some of last week’s most popular po-boys:
Boucherie’s Smoked Mixed Grill Doner Po-Boy with Garlic Sauce
Bratz Y’all’s Drunk Pig Po-Boy
Red Fish Grill’s BBQ Oytser Po-Boy
Slow Food Nola’s Chaurice & Kim Chi Po-Boy
Seither’s Seafood’s Blackened Shrimp & Avocado Po-Boy
Written by Sarah Turner, MBA 2
Source: Po-Boy Fest and the 7th Annual Oak Street Po-Boy Festival

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