Internship with Shell

This past summer I was an intern with Shell Oil Company in the Deep Water Logistics group in New Orleans.  This group manages the logistics and supply chain activities for the Gulf of Mexico.  Although Tulane doesn’t offer a supply chain concentration, I was impressed that I was fully capable of completing the tasks asked of me.  My primary role was to complete a full research report on the potential use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) for the Deep Water Logistics activities.  This project required me to learn the supply chain activities, the personnel responsibilities throughout the supply chain, and the potential steps that could benefit from RFID.  I had no prior knowledge of RFID prior to this summer, but now I feel like an expert!  I loved this project because it exposed me to all different areas of the company and the industry.  I discussed RFID with over 50 external and internal individuals, from engineers, to accountants, to salesmen, to programmers, etc.  I learned how roles worked together to get all of the people and materials to the offshore platforms.
I used a lot of what I learned from my first year of the MBA program to succeed in my internship.  I used what I learned in my Communications course to effectively work with others and succeed in my final presentation.  In my research report, I used techniques from my Management courses including Porter’s Five Forces and SWOT analysis and Excel data analysis techniques I learned from my Statistics and Quantitative Modeling courses.
The highlight of my summer was an overnight trip to the URSA Deep Water platform in the Gulf of Mexico.  The entire experience was incredible!  I enjoyed learning about the platform operations and how so many companies work together to accomplish common goals.  To go offshore, I had to complete the Helicopter Underwater Egress Training (HUET), which was quite an experience in itself.  The training involved being submersed underwater (even upside down!) while buckled to a seat and egressing the helicopter simulator by knocking out the windows.  I can honestly say I never thought being dunked upside down in a helicopter would be part of my summer internship experience!
I applied for my internship after connecting with a Tulane alumni and Shell employee on a speaker panel in my Career Management course.  I was interested in his career and followed up with him through email.  After making additional connections in the company, I completed my application online and continued through the formal recruitment process.  The internship could not have been more on target with my career goals.  I love working with global corporations, and I love the energy industry.  I’m thankful and happy to say that my internship translated into a full-time offer.  I’ll start working in June 2014 with the Deep Water Logistics group in New Orleans!
If you’re interested in energy, I highly suggest you apply for an internship with Shell.  Their internship program is phenomenal!  Throughout the summer, all interns, from every discipline, gathered for social events, networking events with Executives, a trip to Houston, and much more.  Shell’s internship offers a great learning environment and a summer to test your potential.  The experience you gain from working with a major oil and gas company is second to none.  If you’re interested in energy to any degree, feel free to reach out to me for more information.
Written by Kate Leithead, MBA 2 and Energy Club President