New Year, New Semester, New Career – PMBA Class 2017

This year began with great challenges and promises as I enrolled in the Tulane Professional MBA program (PMBA). I am from Colombia and I am part of this incredible and diverse group. The program started on January 13th, and I am very excited to know about the quality of my classmates. I have 26 top notch classmates including people from Colombia, Cuba, India, and Canada.  The class represents a diverse group of industries and companies such as ExxonMobil, Capital One Bank, Danos, Krispy Krunchy Foods, Cooper/T. Smith, and Hibernia Bank. The kindness and professionalism of each individual from this diverse group makes this first year for me at Tulane a great hands-on experience. I am confident that this experience will change my personal and professional life. If you have any questions, about this program, send me an email at  I will be happy to tell you more about the program and the great opportunity Tulane can offer you.
Federico Segura
PMBA Class 2017