Finding Housing in New Orleans

Finding housing in New Orleans can be daunting, and it can be even worse when you are an international student moving to the States for the first time. With this in mind, we asked some of our current students how they found housing before they moved to Nola.
mary-doris-reggieWhen I moved down to New Orleans I found housing by driving around the University area. During the summer months (the end of May through the first week of August) the streets around campus are lined with “For Rent” signs, hoping to catch the wave of new incoming students. This ended up being a great method for me, because it allowed me to find a place within walking/biking distance of school and on a safe block. (New Orleans can be a little spotty when it comes to finding a safe neighborhood). Don’t hesitate to stop and talk to people who seem approachable to ask about the neighborhood or a specific house. If you have the flexibility to come down early to find housing, I highly recommend taking a drive around campus and getting a feel for the area.
Mary Doris Reggie, JD / MBA 2
mitchel-karamPrior to my move down to New Orleans, I contacted a few New Orleanians to find the best way for locating housing. They suggested doing the following: finding the part of New Orleans where I wanted to live, deciding on the type of housing and requirements for the house, and then using these details when searching on Craigslist. After spending two or three days searching through Craigslist listings, I found a place close to Tulane. After contacting the property owner and subsequently signing the lease, I moved down to New Orleans and have been in the same spot since.
Mitchel Karam, MBA 2



kumarMy first suggestion is to use Facebook or QQ for students from China. Using these social media groups will connect you to current students and to future classmates. This can be helpful for narrowing down what part of town you want to live in. I would also suggest joining Tulane’s international community clubs and forums like TCSSA, the Indian Association, and the Vietnamese Association. Second, I would try Craigslist and OISS. Tulane also provides temporary on campus housing for graduate students from June to August so you have time to find a place if you haven’t found it already before you move here.
Kumar Gurusamy Dorairaj, MBA 2


sarah-turnerHad I been able to swing it, I would’ve loved to come down to New Orleans before I had to actually move in to a new place. I didn’t get that chance however, and I relied solely on Apartment Finder and It worked out really well for me, and I didn’t have to guess about my safety or quality of housing. I am further away from campus though (which is the case for most apartment complexes in New Orleans), so I have to use my car to commute each day.
Sarah Turner, MBA 2