Starting as an International Student in Freeman School

One year ago, I arrived at MSY Airport with 3 large cases, knowing nobody here, and thinking about my future. My life in the US officially started. I knew at that time that the study here in Freeman would be one of the most unique experiences in my life.

Something that seems easy to US students might be a challenge to me. Language is always a big issue. At first I felt that the professors were speaking too fast, and it was hard to both listen and take notes at the same time. Meanwhile I was under great pressure when I had lot of material to read before class. Thanks to the professors who are patient and willing to answer my questions, I could adapt to the study in Freeman sooner than expected.

Freeman has provided plenty of opportunities for international students to socialize with US students and students in different programs. We have “Pizza on the Patio”, where all graduate students can chat freely and make new friends. For MACCT students, we have a professional organization Beta Alpha Psi that holds meeting with accounting firms. I have gotten to know many people through these opportunities.

Zheying “Melody” Chen, MACCT ’14