A Wonderful Week in Yellowstone National Park

Having heard of Yellowstone National Park for a long time, I decided to travel there with my friends during summer vacation. We went there in early June and spent a happy and unforgettable week.

First we flew to Salt Lake City, and then drove to Yellowstone. We camped for 3 nights in Yellowstone. It was the first time of camping for all of us. The first day we arrived the campground late so we had to build the tent in dark, however it took only about 20 minutes for us handy people. We were told to leave no food in the tent because it may attract bears, which made us nervous. However it was interesting to sleep in the forest and feel so close to the nature.

Everyday we saw various fantastic spots, and they could be so different. Geysers and fountains are most frequently seen. The Yellowstone Canyon and Yellowstone Lake were also wonderful. The most exciting thing was seeing the animals. One night when we drove to a small road, we saw 2 wolves! Elks and buffalos were most common in Yellowstone. The only pity was that we did not see any bears.

My friends made the journey full of laughter. I feel it is very beneficial to travel to different places, see different scenery and meet different people. It’s the best way to know more about the US from a direct perspective.

Zheying “Melody” Chen, MACCT ’14