Café Du Monde

For those that do not know much about New Orleans, food, drinks, and festivals are some of the best in the world. While at Tulane for the Masters of Finance, you do have to study very hard but it is a great environment to take plenty of breaks. One of the best places to take a break is called Café Du Monde, which is the original coffee and beignet stand in New Orleans.

Café Du Monde is a New Orleans landmark. Café Du Monde has been in business since 1862.  Since it began, Café Du Monde has specialized in a delicious, doughnut like treat called a beignet coupled with their world famous coffee. In addition to selling the wonderful snacks, one can also purchase the ingredients to make your own.

Due to Café Du Monde being a New Orleans landmark, there are often crowds and long lines. Despite the occasional wait, I wholeheartedly recommend a trip to Café Du Monde to de-stress after a hard exam or a great deal of work and studying.

Even if you are working very late, no matter the day, chances are Café Du Monde will be open. Café Du Monde is open 24 hours a day, nearly every day of the year.  It is only closed on Christmas day and during hurricanes, which are very rare experiences.  So if in need of a late night snack, need to relax, or just want to experience traditional New Orleans food, try Café Du Monde!