National WWII Museum

New Orleans has many different and unique attractions to offer people. It is impossible to experience all this city has to offer in just one year, but I am trying to narrow down my to-do list. Recently, I visited the National World War II Museum close to downtown. Trip Advisor ranked the WWII Museum 4th in the top museums in the US. I love learning about history so I knew this was something I had to experience.

The main aspect that I enjoyed about the WWII Museum was the first-hand accounts of WWII events. The tour guides are WWII veterans that can answer all your questions and give a personal perspective on this historic period. Ships, airplanes, military uniforms, and other WWII artifacts fill the museum. Being able to see this in person gave me a new respect for WWII veterans.

Perhaps the biggest attraction is the movie theater that shows the four-dimensional movie “Beyond All Boundaries” that takes viewers through the different battle fronts while making them feel like a part of the war. The WWII museum always has different specials and experiences so it is worth multiple visits. For example, the USS Tang allows people to experience submarine warfare by playing a role of an actual crewmember.

The exhibits provide a perspective from all parties that were involved in the war.  I was amazed at how much new information I learned about WWII. The National WWII Museum was a great experience, and I look forward to going back soon.

Neil Huntsman

MACCT Candidate, 2015