​Chicago Freeman Days

My name is Kelsey Chan-Chin and I am part of the Master of Management (MMG) class of 2015. I received a Bachelor of Science in Public Health from Tulane University in 2014, and I decided to stay in New Orleans for one more year to take advantage of the MMG program and learn the fundamentals of business.

As MMG students, we learn the skills necessary to become successful in business and we also have ample opportunities to build our professional network. Freeman does a wonderful job organizing events that give us the chance to speak with alumni about their profession, the steps they took to be in their current position, the industry they work in, and even what they love to do in New Orleans.

I was able to attend Freeman Days in Chicago and I had a fantastic time meeting alumni who worked in everything from marketing to analytics to finance to health. Due to the smaller nature of the sessions, I was able to ask the alumni very specific questions and they were gracious enough to reference me to other people that I could contact to learn more. They gave me great advice, like the importance of acknowledging your weaknesses in an interview before the interviewer asks about them and that you should spend an hour a day maintaining your network. They gave me solid tips, like the Turchin Library’s resource ValueLine has excellent summaries of industries and companies and that clearly communicating with your team is essential for quality work. And they assured me that I would be fine after graduating if I worked hard in school and actively searched for a job.

I am incredibly grateful that they were so willing to help current students and I only hope that I can be as helpful to Freeman students when I graduate.

Kelsey Chan-Chin, MMG