Getting Around in New Orleans

Phase two of moving into a new city has always been, how do I get around? For the first timers in the city, figuring out travel can be tricky. New Orleans does not have the public transportation facilities like New York City, but it’s also not as vast as Los Angeles. It’s pretty easy to get around once you get to know the place.

The biggest support for students is the Tulane University Shuttle. The shuttle runs every day with different lines going to different parts of the city. For the first few weeks that a few of us got here, we used the shuttle services extensively. We used it for grocery shopping, visiting malls, movies etc. This service is free, for all students. All you need is your Tulane ID and you are good to go wherever you want in the city.

The transportation department also offers a mobile app to track the location of your bus.

Tulane also provides services for students to get dropped at homes after hours.

This is a major resource that not many universities provide. The bus routes cover almost the entire city and every major pit stop that a student might require.

With regard to New Orleans and its old world charm, the city still maintains a Street Car (Tram) service. It is a bit slow, but if you have time, it is cheap and an amazing way to take in the city and the moments it has to offer.

Getting a car is secondary issue it is not necessary. You can get by without having a car. However, if you are planning to stay faraway from campus and don’t want to be restricted to Shuttle timings, then you can probably get one. In the end, it comes down to personal preferences. I have been here for 8 months now, and haven’t required a car. Also, one of your friends is bound to have a car and I’m sure they would help you out in case of emergencies.

There are car rental agencies that will loan you a car incase you need it for trips. You will require a valid American license or one recognized by the United States to drive or rent a car.

For more information on transportation please check out.

Mahesh Ratnam Rajan
MBA Candidate – 2016