Life as an MMG Student

The MMG program is like no other program currently offered in the Tulane A.B. Freeman School of Business. The program selects recent Tulane undergraduates from a variety of majors and schools of thought together into one classroom with first and second year MBA students for a one year Master of Management. In our class we have students who received their undergraduate degrees in communications, neuroscience, public health, mathematics, anthropology, and more. The difference in backgrounds creates an opportunity for each student to offer and receive a variety of insights not previously familiar to them. The wide variety of backgrounds also comes in handy when working in teams because it allows each student to contribute using their strengths, while being able to rely on their teammates to do the same. With all team members playing to their strengths towards a common goal, producing high-quality work will become second nature.

The course work allows us as MMG students to learn about all facets of business from the perspective of corporate management. We study subjects such as finance, operations, marketing, consulting, and managerial communications from the shoes of a manager. In a sense, the MMG program is a crash course that takes students through four sessions of a variety of subjects that will allow students the knowledge needed to manage a corporation from every angle. After a year in the MMG program, you will be familiar with the terminology, processes, operations, and logistics associated with managing a company and conducting business both domestically and internationally. With the program only lasting one year, the curriculum is fast paced, and students can expect to be intellectually challenged.

The MMG program not only prepares students for management rolls and responsibilities, it also gives students an opportunity to learn how to conduct business on an international playing field. One of the biggest perks, and unique features of the MMG program is the trip to China. Students will take a course on conducting business globally, in which they are paired with a Chinese company, given an objective, and ultimately travel to China to present their final product to the board of their respective companies. The trip to China is a once in a lifetime opportunity to both travel and to get real world experience conducting business with successful international companies. With China being one of the world’s leaders in international trade and business, it is the ideal location to gain experience in.