International Student Consulting

The Tulane MBA program at Tulane University provides students a wonderful opportunity to grow academically and culturally. Perhaps some of the most rewarding experiences I had as a JD/MBA candidate at Tulane were in the built-in International Business Concentration. Each student who completes the MBA program receives a concentration in International Business, in addition to a concentration in his/her chosen area of study (e.g. finance, marketing, process management, etc.). To earn this additional concentration, students must complete three international business courses, each requiring students to work directly with foreign companies on a different continent (Europe, South America, and Asia) as consultants.

Through this program, I traveled to Italy, Argentina, and China to work with a variety of organizations, learning to navigate cultural nuances while solving real-world business problems. I provided market analysis for a high-end fashion company in Rimini, developed a communications strategy for an NGO in Buenos Aires, and helped a sunglass manufacturer in Xiamen enter the U.S. market. Beyond that, I ate remarkable food and forged a network of lasting relationships spanning the entire globe.

These experiences have not only provided international business acumen and cultural growth, but also increased my marketability with potential employers. They have sparked much discussion and intrigue with interviewers for legal and managerial positions alike. Some of my classmates were even offered internships or full-time employment by the very international firms for whom they consulted. This program gives its students an edge over the competition in the job market.

For anyone considering the MBA program at Tulane University, I say, Come, take a closer look at the International Business Concentration. It might just make the decision for you.

Justin Blair

JD/MBA, 2016