Student entrepreneur expands comfy clothing brand

Kwasi Agyeman stands outside Tulane Law School
Kwasi Agyeman (L ’22) founded All Season Apparel to provide students with comfy, stylish clothes for campus and city life.

Kwasi Agyeman (L ’22) was browsing clothes in the Tulane bookstore in 2019 and not seeing anything he particularly liked when he got an idea: Tulane Daddy. The third-year Tulane Law School student thought the phrase would be funny on a T-shirt and mentioned it to a friend back home in Brooklyn. Just for fun, his friend, who had a print shop in his basement, made 10 shirts for him.

“I wore one of them, and it just went crazy,” Agyeman says. “Everybody was like, ‘I want a Tulane Daddy shirt!’”

He began selling Tulane Daddy shirts at student hangouts like the Boot and the Fly.

“We would go to the Boot every weekend and sell out,” he says. “And then it just kind of blew up from there.”

After the brand’s breakout success during Mardi Gras 2020 — they completely sold out of every item —  the pandemic hit, and Agyeman’s nascent startup took on a new form.

“Other schools wanted shirts too, so in the summer of 2021 we decided to rebrand and call ourselves All Season Apparel,” Agyeman says. “We still do Tulane Daddy shirts, but now we do other schools under the All Season brand.”

During the pandemic, All Season’s sales grew exponentially, meeting a demand for stylish comfort clothing at a time when larger brands hadn’t yet caught on to the idea of making comfortable clothes for being at home. Today, the company’s lineup includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, crop tops, sports shorts, hats and tote bags in colors to match almost every school. The company is also committed to sustainability, partnering with manufacturing experts to make sure all its materials are ethically sourced.

Agyeman says Tulane has played a big role in All Season’s success. His Tulane law school professors provided help with trademarking and setting up the business, and the Freeman School’s Lepage Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation connected him with mentors and other student entrepreneurs.

“I’m always here in the B-school at the Lepage Center with the Student Venture Incubator folks,” Agyeman says. “I used to participate in Pizza Pitch Fridays, where everybody would get together and chat and shoot out ideas. That was super helpful.”

After honing the business at Tulane for the last two years, Agyeman says All Season is ready to bring its “comfy fits for campus and city life” to more campuses in the coming year with expanded promotion and an improved online marketplace.

–Natalie Maher (SLA ’24)