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Exciting Announcement about Option to Extend the MFIN Program

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the Master of Finance Program at the Freeman School of Business, the Graduate Admissions Office is very excited to inform you that you now have the option to extend the length of the program for an additional semester with no additional tuition […]

March 10, 2014 ×

Classes for Easing the Transition to First Year Analyst

If you are seriously considering making the investment in a Tulane Master of Finance degree, then I think that it is fair to say that you are serious about being an entry level financial analyst. Whether in a corporate finance role or an investments role, the entry level finance jobs […]

January 23, 2014 ×
Specializing in Energy

Specializing in Energy

Energy is integrated into the very fabric of our modern lives. Seriously, check the tags on any of your clothes. I bet that there is some sort of synthetic fabric which is derived from crude oil (acrylic, rayon, polyester, etc.). Besides synthetic fabric, petroleum derived products power our houses and […]

January 21, 2014 ×
Tulane MFINs Enjoy the Holidays

Tulane MFINs Enjoy the Holidays

Fall semester has finished. Are you still worried about your grades? Starting to get homesick? Not for those international students who enjoy their holidays in the States. Here are some fun things that Tulane MFINs are up to over the Christmas and New Year break. Florida—Magic Kingdom With only a […]

December 23, 2013 ×

Earnings Call: Jada Hector, Career Counselor for the Master of Finance

By Tommy Milburn, Master of Finance Candidate 2014 In the last edition of Earnings Call, I talked to Master of Finance Director, Clay Randolph. He said that the number one goal of the faculty and administration “is to equip Tulane MFIN candidates with the skills necessary for the careers that […]

December 23, 2013 ×

Earnings Call: Clay Randolph, Director of the Master of Finance

At any given point, you can find Clay Randolph walking through the halls of Goldring/ Woldenberg II meeting with the faculty who make the Tulane MFIN one of the most competitive programs in the country. As the Director of the MFIN program, Mr. Randolph is charged with the task of […]

December 3, 2013 ×

Meeting the Future Masters of Finance: Part II

One of the key goals of the campus visit on November 8, 2103, was to give students an honest idea of what it’s like to be a member of the Tulane MFIN program. The Office of Graduate Admissions and the Administration agreed that the best way to achieve this goal […]

November 21, 2013 ×
An Introduction from Lin Yang

An Introduction from Lin Yang

My name is Lin Yang and I’m originally from Harbin, China, and was an exchange student in the University of Illinois at Springfield. When I decided to attend the Tulane MFIN, I was thrilled by New Orleans’ cross-culture and multilingual heritage. Imagine yourself wandering the street of the French Quarter, […]

November 19, 2013 ×

Meeting the Future Masters of Finance: Part I

This past Friday, November 8th, Graduate Admissions hosted a Master of Finance (MFIN) informational campus visit for prospective students. This event provided prospective students with the opportunity to get an honest picture of the Tulane MFIN program and to interact with Tulane faculty, staff, current students and alumni. This was […]

November 18, 2013 ×
Tommy Milburn Welcomes You to the Master of Finance Blog

Tommy Milburn Welcomes You to the Master of Finance Blog

Welcome to the Tulane MFIN Blog! My name is Tommy Milburn and I am currently a Master of Finance candidate at Tulane University. I hail from Warwick, New York. Some may say that Louisiana is a bit of a ways to travel for school, but I’ve always had a little […]

November 6, 2013 ×