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Intensive Negotiations Course

Per scheduling tradition, many full-time MBAs started their semester early and began an intensive Negotiations Course last Wednesday, January 8th.  Lead by long-time student-favorite, Professor Angelo DeNisi, the Negotiations course is a mix of theory, tactic, demonstration, and mock negotiating among peers. The course counts as a dual elective for […]

January 15, 2014 ×
Working Together

Working Together

On Monday I got out of class late. We start class at 6:30pm and we are done by 9:15pm on a normal Monday. But this was no normal Monday, it was a Negotiation Class Monday. I must admit, the professor gave us a serious assignment. My classmate and I spent […]

September 12, 2013 ×
Starting the Year with Professor McCusker

Starting the Year with Professor McCusker

When colleagues ask where I went on vacation this past summer, I tell them I was busy learning how to be a leader, consulting a local brewery in Arnaudville, Louisiana and devising a marketing strategy for The New Orleans Opera.  My class bonded over beer and opera this summer and […]

September 4, 2013 ×

Negotiations Class Experience

Hope everyone had a nice holiday season! I am now back in New Orleans for my last semester as a Freeman MBA student. It is bittersweet, but I am excited to see where I will end up. I started this semester taking a five day negotiations course. It was one […]

January 23, 2013 ×

Negotiating through my last classes

It’s back to school at the Freeman School.  Graduate classes started this Monday, but I’ve been on campus since last week.  About 30 of us took a special intensive negotiations course that lasted all day for five days. Most of the class periods began with a short lecture, then we […]

January 11, 2011 ×