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Audubon Park

One of the best things about Tulane being located in Uptown New Orleans is that it is right next to Audubon Park. Located literally across the street from Tulane’s campus, Audubon Park is the perfect place for Tulane students to spend their free time and enjoy the beautiful New Orleans […]

October 24, 2013 ×

Nico in NOLA 19 – Goodbye, New Orleans!

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? Nico does now. Week#19 – Saying goodbye to the city from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Nineteenth week. People. Places. Memories. more videos at

January 18, 2012 ×

Nico in NOLA 16 – Saturday Night in New Orleans

A glimpse into how a group of mainly international students spent a Saturday night in December. Week#16 – A Saturday night in NOLA from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Sixteenth week. House Party. Palms. Safe Ride. more videos at

January 7, 2012 ×

Good Morning, Audubon Park!

The second session comes up so fast when we just said goodbye to our first. That’s exactly what an MBA life looks like. But hold on a second! Why don’t we go outside campus and enjoy the sunshine in my favorite place recently—Audubon Park. Here, you can do whatever you […]

October 31, 2011 ×

Nico in NOLA 2 – Discovering Uptown

In this second video Nico walks around his new neighborhood. Week#2 – Discovering Uptown, New Orleans from Nicolas Merlaud on Vimeo. Second week. Bikes. Blocks. Broadway. more videos at

October 7, 2011 ×