The week to come…

After last weeks roller-coaster, I have to tell you I am a little apprehensive about the week to come. For a few reasons:

Firstly have a look at this NYT article. It doesn’t actually say much except for the fact that students are worried about job prospects and that several have lost their jobs. I think there is a tenseness among job seekers. I am trying a new strategy. I wrote 15 different conferences in my field of interest and asked for volunteer positions or student rates. In the end I got a volunteer position in the most prestigious one. The flight to NYC cost me $230 bucks and I have a free place to stay next door to the convention. Hopefully something will come of it!

Secondly, what the market will do, no one knows. The last week has left some companies worth more dead than alive. Charles Schwab, for example, has a $21B market cap and $28B in cash. Good buy? Well, most certainly, unless it fails. Ben Graham, the famous investor made all of his money buying these types of companies after the great crash. Tomorrow Schwab is either going to go up like a rocket, or be the next bank in the headlines seeking protection. I BET the former, but I am not betting my dollars because I don’t know for sure. What is true, is that its about to be a great time to get into the market. If you haven’t been in yet, and you want to make money, sometime soon could be a great time to buy. I’ll be jumping in with my savings in the next few weeks.

Third, I have a midterm this afternoon. What does that mean? I should be studying!