This weekend!

Well it was an eventful week. I decided that reading the financial section of the paper was absolutely insignificant in determining where the markets were going. Our stock trading competition did very well, because we bet against everything. Yesterday dow was down 400 and then closed up 400(?). It’s like a crap shoot. We lost first place on the competition only to gain it back, lose it again and then gain it back. I threw up my hands at one point and just decided to start watching more cartoons.

So I checked out some classic bugs bunny and wrote a case. Enough about me though. Let’s talk about the fun coming up.

Brennan, a second year MBA student, went fishing and caught 3 yellow-fin tuna! So we’re grilling tuna tonight! That’s like the highlight of the century! Sunday after the Saints game Guitar Lightnin’ is gonna rock it at the Blues and Barbque festival put on by the jazz and heritage foundation. I love barbque. Sunday is the Japanese festival and the Angola prison rodeo. Finally – its October, so oktoberfest is EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY. Hooray!

What I am trying to do is tell you that I am busier than even I ever thought imaginable, but a big part of that is because there is just soooo much fun to be had.

Stay tuned this week for updates on our NEW BLOG (!!!!) and the trip to PARIS(!!!) I am so excited!!!