Hello All, My name is Shane Price and I am a second year MBA/MGM

Hello All,

My name is Shane Price and I am a second year MBA/MGM (Master of Global Management) dual masters student at the Freeman School.

Many years ago, i graduated with a Computer Systems Engineering degree from Boston University (go Sox, Pats, Celts, Bruins, Revolution!!!). For the three years before I started bschool, I worked at John Hancock Financial Services in South Boston as an Annuity Services Specialist. Basically operations. In case you didn’t realize it…i grew up in Boston. (Tom Brady goes down and we are still leading our division)

I came into bschool wanting to do either Risk Management or some form of Consulting…and Risk Management has since been scrapped. My concentrations are Finance and Strategic Management. I will also have the concentration of International Business that all bschool students receive (thanks to the global focus of our program).

I am also participating in the Master of Global Management degree program offered by the Freeman School. I have traveled all over the globe taking classes with a cohort of students from IESA (Caracas, Venezuela), ITAM (Mexico City, Mexico), and Universidad de los Andes (Bogota, Colombia). Our final class will be in New Orleans in January of 2009.

During the summer of 2008, I interned with Tata Consultancy Services at their office in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. I was in the role of an internal consultant for the company. This was sandwiched between classes in Shanghai and Sao Paulo with my MGM cohort.

I am currently one of the Associate Director’s of Research for Burkenroad Reports, an Equity Analyst program run by the Freeman School. Burkenroad Reports enlists business school students as analysts to create an equity analyst report on a particular company in Texas, Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Georgia, or Mississippi. The final reports go out to over 25,000 investors. I actually just took a break from grading parts of the report so that I could post here. For more information about the program either click my picture or navigate over to www.burkenroad.org.

I am also the current Sergeant at Arms for Tulane University’s chapter of Toastmasters International. I have found the club to be very beneficial in honing my ability to speak in front of an audience of strangers, peers, or candy canes (yes, i can now speak to inanimate objects as easily as I can speak to real people).

Feel free to ask me anything that your heart desires. I am readily available at sprice@tulane.edu. I have one of those crackberry things (and I LOVE it). That just means that I can respond nigh instantaneously!

Mr. Price

P.S. In my free time, I am part of the bschool volleyball and flag football intramural teams. We are both in the playoffs!! Basketball intramurals start in the Spring!

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