I am Will Donaldson and this is the new Tulane MBA student blog

I am Will Donaldson and this is the new Tulane MBA student blog.

What we do: This blog will show you the nitty gritty detail of what it’s like to study at Tulane. We’re extremely proud of our school and where it is today. I have gathered some of my favorite people together and armed them with iPhones and Blackberries so that they can blog actively about every amazing thing we get to do as Freeman School students.

About me: Before the MBA I built a technology consulting company that specialized in outsourced software development. Through this company I managed 15 subcontractors across three continents.

I came back to school to learn finance and valuations. While in school, I took Brian Gibbs’ real estate class. Valuing illiquid assets to me is absolutely fascinating.

During the Summer between my first and second year I got an internship working in finance at Morguard Real Estate Corporation. I was fortunate enough to work in the finance and development department directly under the vice president of the U.S. offices.

Finally, for the past two years while studying, I have worked as the right-hand man to Christopher Schultz, the president of a local venture company, Voodoo Ventures. I am an Associate. I put together pro-forma and cash flow projections to evaluate new deals.