The Argentina Adventure

So I’m finally back in the swing of classes after a fantastic week in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Class started November 3rd, but I went a few days early to enjoy and explore the city. Buenos Aires was not at all what I expected, but it was definitely a pleasant surprise. At just under six million people in the greater Buenos Aires area, the city, nightlife, dining, shopping, and culture rival any major metropolitan city in the U.S. The people were friendly, the food was delicious, and did I mention the wine??? Well, that’s a whole other entry on its own! Our classes consisted of guest professors from local universities, a site visit to Unilever, and a tango show (granted, the tango show was not part of the syllabus, but it was spectacular and deserved an honorable mention). This trip was shorter than our trip to Paris last Spring and it was originally scheduled for Mexico City, but I don’t think that there were any complaints about the last minute location change. So, ask yourself… what other MBA programs allow you to spend a week in the middle of November, learning from business people who experienced first hand the Argentina peso devaluation, eating absurd amounts of beef, and bonding with all 97 of your classmates over a glass of Malbec. My guess, only one.