Ready to Roll

We all leave for Paris in t-minus 24 hours.  In between now and then, I have to finish a management paper, finish packing, go to my 6:30pm night class and try to visit a friend who is in town from New York.  It’ll be an interesting day.

As many of you probably know, first-year MBAs take a trip to Paris to study business in the EU.  We’ll take a few classes, make a few company visits and, of course, take in a few sights and sounds of France.  After a week in Paris, we have a week off for Spring Break.  That means most of us will be staying in Europe and traveling on our own.  A few friends and I are going to Nice, Monte Carlo and Barcelona.  Needless to say – this will be fun.

To make up for all this future fun, we’ve had to deal with a heavy past few weeks.  From group projects to simulations to papers and tests – it’s been busy.  We’ve all been looking forward to the trip not only for our European adventure, but also for all of this work to end.

On a related note, this is decision season for all of you thinking of going to business school.  Let us know if you have any questions about Tulane.  You can probably tell that all of us who write on this blog love school and love Tulane.  Let us know if we can help you.

Louis David

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