Summer School

After a few years of working, the thought of spending a summer in school for a couple of hours a day may be appealing.  Last year, I took the pre-MBA summer courses offered at the Freeman School and I can honestly say those classes helped me out when our real classes started in August.

About thirty of us signed up for the program, which ran for about four weeks in July.  One class is a statistics course, one is accounting.  The statistics course is taught by Russ Robbins, who teaches the mandatory stats class that first-year MBAs take in the fall.  This means you have a head-start on your classmates.  I had no experience whatsoever in Microsoft Excel.  Russ’ class was quite the (much-needed) boot camp.

The accounting class was also a nice refresher, as most of us who took the summer classes were coming from jobs where we had limited financial experience.  The best part of being in school early was getting used to being physically at school every day.  It’s also a great way to meet your future classmates.  The workload is not extremely intense, so you have lots of time to enjoy New Orleans with your classmates.

If you have any questions about the summer program, let me know.

Louis David