Back to Life

After spending all summer in the affectionately named “Boulder Bubble”, the time came last week to start packing up to head back to school. Admittedly, I was less than excited to get back to the 90+ degree weather, the never ending “work” day, and Ramen noodles (yes, I still eat Ramen noodles). My journey back to New Orleans started rough. Two days before leaving Boulder, someone set a couch on fire that happened to be abandoned on the curb next to my car (Let this be a lesson people: Don’t park next to abandoned furniture, particularly in a college town).  Exhibit A:

After five trying days on the phone (or not on the phone rather) with Progressive, I finally collected my belongings, packed them into a rental car and headed south. Even though I wasn’t able to spend a day or two unwinding and refocusing from the summer, I was surprised how eager I was on Monday morning to get back to classes and my long lost (OK, three months isn’t that long) classmates.

As our time here progresses, we have much more flexibility in our schedules, which to me means that I’ll never see several of my group mates, who are narrowing in on their finance classes while I take all the Marketing classes possible. I guess we’ll just have to make an extra effort outside of the classroom! I’m also excited to report that my new schedule means that I’ll never have class before Noon. Can’t complain about that!

Tomorrow night is the Rock N Bowl Welcome (Back) party for all the business school students. I’m sure there will be pictures to follow.