Class Size

When deciding where to attend undergraduate school, I remember class size being an important factor in my decision. For this reason (and several others), I chose to attend a small liberal arts school in the middle of Ohio. At the time I really appreciated not being lost in a sea of students as many of my high school friends felt at their various universities across the country. For some reason, I did not consider this factor at all when deciding to come to Tulane! Luckily, smaller class size and easy access to our professors is one of the perks I’ve enjoyed at the Freeman School.
We have had a few required courses with our entire class (nearly 100 people), but this is definitely the exception as opposed to the rule. As we focus in on our concentrations and interests (and out of required courses), class size has shrunk exponentially. Last week, this difference felt all too clear as I sat in a 40 person Managing People course (required), which was immediately followed (in the exact same classroom) by a 20 person International Marketing (elective). While discussion is vibrant in a 40 person class because there is always someone looking to talk, these smaller classes really allow for conversation between the professors and students. That having been said, Tulane’s faculty has really done an excellent job in getting to know each student personally, even in when it involves our entire class being in one room.

(apologies for the less than stellar photos, but I was trying to be discreet in my picture snapping!)


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