Caskey Miller


If you have never written a blog before, how do you structure it?  What do you write?  What tone do you take?  When writing a University Blog, where is the line between appropriate and its time to go talk to the dean about your future presence at Tulane University.  These are all questions that I am asking myself.

I got it.  (Illuminated light bulb above the head!!!!)

My story of the week!

In the weeks to come, I will give you a little story of New Orleans, as played out in my eyes, but this week I will tell you about myself.  My name is Caskey Miller and I am from Leon, Iowa.  Leon is a town of 1960 people.  I went to a public school, where my graduating class had 48 members.  I attended the University of Texas at Arlington, where I graduated with a degree in International Business and Spanish.  In the last eight years since my graduation, I have been traveling the world.  I have lived and worked in seven different countries, and traveled to over 20.  I have been everything from an English teacher in Taipei to a Scuba Dive Instructor in Thailand to a Segment Manager for major construction projects in Dubai.  I chose to go back to school at the age of 30 because I feel there is only one reliable investment that a person can make and that is an investment in one’s education.

Tulane Time

The section is devoted to things that you try to research for but cannot find the answers.  I will take suggests and questions from the readers on this section!  For the first section of your f   irst semester, you do not need to buy the “required” books.  Do not spend the 1000 dollars.  The books are great reference sources, but you do not need them for your classes.  All of the teachers use their own power point presentations and the information from class is sufficient for all assignments and tests.  You will have to buy packets for your Strategic Management and Accounting courses.  They were $100 and $40, respectively.  The accounting packet is worth every dime and almost all of they alumni speakers say that if they could do it all again, they would pay more attention in the Accounting classes.

Frustration of the Week

Parking on and off campus is the worst.  Buy a scooter or bicycle and ride it to campus.  It is not worth trying to vie for parking with all of the other students.  Plus, riding a scooter is not only convenient, but also is associated with really, really cool people.  I have Old Blue and I am kind of a big deal.  “My apartment smells of rich mahogany and I have many leather bound books.”

The Source of My Smile

I have the most unbelievable class.  I have been sitting here trying to think of how to describe our class dynamic, and I am going to have to have about 1000 words just to start.  We are us.  You’ll just have to enroll and find out for yourself.

GBBR of the Week (good, bad, bar, and restaurant)

Good of the Week

Deen Kemsly, accounting professor

There are not enough positive adjectives to describe this man, this myth, this legend.

Bad of the Week

The lack of optimism towards the future job market.

Bar of the Week

St. Joes on Magazine Street.  The beer prices are cheap, there is a patio, and the atmosphere is laid back.  What else can you ask for in a local watering hole?  For all of those people planning on moving to New Orleans, drinking is not a must, but it is a part of the culture.  Just do it safely and don’t pee in the street.

Restaurant of the Week

Jacquesimos on Oak St. is one of the most incredible eateries that I have every frequented.  The carpetbagger steak is to die for and the fried chicken is a must.  A little secret that I learned from the bar tender is that if you sit at the bar, the chicken can be ordered ala carte for $2.75 a piece.  So, one side, one BIG piece of chicken, three corn bread biscuits, and an Abita Amber for $9.71.  I challenge you to find a better deal in town!!!!!!!


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