Post Finals

My apologies for posting a few days later than usual…but it has been a busy week at Freeman School and Tulane.  My fellow MBA 1s and I had our last classes of the session on Tuesday, and turned in our Practice of Management group paper.  Then, we took our External Reporting final exam on Thursday.  Friday morning, I volunteered at the Tulane Alumni Business Association’s Business Forum, which was fantastic.  I was only able to attend in the morning, but I did have an opportunity to listen to Chip Kahn, President and CEO of the Federation of  American Hospitals and Tulane alum, give a balanced and informative primer on how the recently passed healthcare legislation will affect hospitals and small businesses in the coming years.  Friday afternoon kicked off Homecoming activities across the Tulane campus…unfortunately participating in the fun was limited by the Saturday Managerial Economics final exam. (Margaritas were in order after Econ – see above.) And then, this morning, a business statistics final.  This week has wiped me out, but it is a beautiful October day in NO, so I am heading out for an afternoon bike ride through City Park and then dinner at Landry’s on Lake Pontchartrain.  

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