Last Long Break… Ever

As I sit here looking forward to a nearly month-long break, the coming months are exciting and scary at the same time.  When we head back to campus for the Spring semester – there are many big dates on the calendar.  We’ll take some interesting final classes (new venture planning, business ethics), we’ll celebrate our last Mardi Gras together, we’ll head to China to learn about doing business in Asia and we’ll graduate.  In between all of those big events – we’ll search for (and hopefully find) jobs.

When you leave the working world for graduate school – it’s a huge change, but you can easily slip into the groove.  I’m worried about not such an easy transition going the other way around.  Most of us completed internships last summer, and some of us continue to work a few hours a week during the semester, but it will be a huge change.

For now, I’ll enjoy my time off, and try to stay warm in an unusually-blustery New Orleans.  Right now it’s 44 and sunny at 2pm.  Tonight’s low is 27 which is about as cold as it gets in South Louisiana.  Enjoy the Holidays.