Family Life in the City

I’m not married and I don’t have any kids, but this post is about family life in New Orleans.  Even though I don’t have my own family, I think this is an important topic to address.  At an admitted MBA event a week ago, I met a prospective student who has a husband and a child who asked me about raising kids in New Orleans.

Most people from outside of the region don’t equate New Orleans with a great family life.  Ask someone from around here, and you’ll get the opposite reaction.  For centuries, New Orleans has been a city with deeply-rooted families and traditions.  Families here stay close, and seeing extended relatives can be a daily occurrence.  I grew up about two hours away in Lafayette – but I have fond memories of visiting my aunts and uncles here in my childhood.

From Audubon Zoo to City Park and even Mardi Gras parades (they still make me feel like a kid), New Orleans really can be a very family-friendly place.  This article in Site Selection Magazine even ranks the metro area as one of the best in the US for corporate family relocation.  If you want to contact a current MBA who is experiencing family life in New Orleans, email me.

Louis David