Must Do / Should Have Done

A recently admitted MBA for 2011 emailed me the other day and asked a great question that’s now becoming a blog post.  He wanted to know what I’m really glad I did during my time at Tulane, and what I wish i would have done.  Here’s my loose list.

Summer Program – it’s a great refresher for your quant skills, gets you back into the routine of going to school, and it really helps to go into your first semester already knowing a good number of your classmates.
Outreach Work – a number of the clubs at the Freeman School offer opportunities to do business-related work for non-profits or local small businesses.  It gives you great experience, it’s fun and the work is really appreciated.
Get Involved Outside of School – there are a number of opportunities on and off campus to meet business owners and leaders in New Orleans.  Most in the general New Orleans business community really value the Freeman School and our contributions to the city.  Getting out there and meeting folks in the business community is how most of my friends got internships / jobs in the city.
Enjoy New Orleans – honestly one of America’s most beautiful and most fun cities.  Take advantage of it.

Global Program – you get to travel several times a year and learn about many more cultures than the regular MBA program (which takes you to China, Argentina and France).
Get More Involved – see above, both on and off campus.
Reach out to Professors – they are really knowledgeable in their areas of expertise and many have great connections.  I should have done this earlier.

Louis David