Question: Housing Advice

Question: I have recently been admitted to the Tulane MBA program and was seeking housing advice. Are there any neighborhoods or apartment complexes that you would recommended?

Part of the New Orleans experience is living on tree-lined Uptown streets in charming old houses with front porches and backyards.

We don’t really use North-South-East-West much in New Orleans, we use up- vs down-river and river- vs lake-side. The most popular areas are between campus and a few blocks past S Carrollton upriver and Jefferson Ave downriver. Some live river-side of campus, while not so many live lake-side. On you are typically looking for Uptown, Tulane, Universities or Audubon, but there are many other names including some misleading ones, so find the address on Google Maps to be sure.

Our resident expert on housing is Linda Ricks at the Graduate Admissions office. She has a list of students looking to share housing with other students, and can also connect you with some good landlords and realtors.