Quick Tour – Burkenroad Reports

Today’s guest post comes from Alexandra Thurber, MBA 2.

Burkenroad Reports is a course in equity analysis. Students are divided into teams of 3-5 and follow one public company throughout the semester.  For the most part, we follow small cap companies headquartered in the Southeastern United States.  The companies span many industries, but students doing the Energy specialization can choose to follow an energy company.  Students meet with management, visit company sites, conduct extensive research on the company, and develop financial models.  By the end of the semester, each team publishes a full investment research report.  Sample reports can be found here: http://burkenroad.org/companies.php.

Burkenroad is a great experience for those interested in a career in finance.  The course differentiates our students from those from other schools.  The course is taught by Professor Peter Ricchiuti who works to connect students with professionals in the investment field.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions: athurber@tulane.edu.